Trauma Counseling

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Coping with Crime
When you experience a crime such as rape, assault or arson, your whole world may turn upside down. It may seem incomprehensible that such a fate could befall you. You may not know how to live in the aftermath of the crime. Our counselors can help you restore your feeling of safety and renew your positive outlook on life.

Overcoming Abuse
Abuse can come in many forms. Physical, emotional or sexual abuse can alter your perceptions, cause you to feel bad about yourself, and create a feeling of constant anxiety. It takes hard work to overcome the devastation of being abused. Our counselors offer professional assistance to make it easier.

Rising above Natural Disasters
Living through a tornado, a hurricane, an earthquake or a fire can be traumatic for some individuals. People who get hurt, lose loved ones, lose their home and belongings or simply witness the disaster may feel the trauma deeply. Professional help may be needed to explore feelings and make a new start.

Grief Counseling
Whether it is the loss of a mate, a parent, a child or a friend, grief is the natural response. However, when you cannot get over your grief alone, you may need help in understanding your feelings and moving on with your life.

Healing from Accidents
Just as the body must heal from a bad car or plane accident, the mind and emotions must also heal. Our counselors can help you understand the anatomy of the accident and see your way to the other side of the trauma.

PTSD Counseling
Post traumatic stress disorder affects many soldiers coming home from war. It can also come about as the result of any traumatic event. Our counselors are well-trained in special techniques for dealing with PTSD.

Professional help may be needed to explore feelings and make a new start.

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